Looking to add depth and artistry to your coloring?

Colored Pencil Plus is a new approach to adult coloring.

Actually, it's not all that revolutionary.

Learn to use your colored pencils the way an artist would- with style, originality, and amazing depth & dimension. Colored Pencil Plus is a drastic change from adult coloring tutorials which lock you into using specific recipes and follow-the-leader style demonstrations.

No more copy-catting!

You can color independently with confidence.

You can get realism and artistic flair from your colored pencils.

You can learn to color like an artist!

 Learn to use colored pencils the way an artist uses paint. You can get amazing depth and dimension from your colored pencils but you'll have to ditch the crafty coloring tuts and recipes! | ColoredPencilPlus.com


My name is Amy Shulke and I'm a professional illustrator.

Don't get all impressed by that. I basically draw and color for a living.

That's right. Once an artist gets the composition down and the preliminary drawing done, the rest of art is basically coloring. The exact same kind of coloring that you do.

Except... artists have quality tools, access to better training, and we've had the luxury of long hours of dedicated practice time.

But there's nothing magical about what we do. Anyone can learn to color sculpt, to desaturate, and to use artist grade tools. Art concepts are not top secret. There are no special clubs, no secret artist hand-shakes... heck, you don't even have to wear a beret if you don't want to.

Although I highly recommend the beret.

Take the next step beyond crafting to become the artist you were always meant to be.

You can do this!

Colored Pencil Plus is available now.

Join anytime, forever access.

Work at your own pace.

Your Weekly Projects:

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Vanilla Arts Company is the answer YOU have been waiting for! Excellent instruction, meaning way beyond the "watch me, then do" method that is all too common now with online creative instruction. Amy - thank you!!!

- Trish



I am soooo glad I found you! Thank you so much Amy and thank you for all the wealth of information that you provide!

- Birgit




You have taught me so much, Amy. I love your truth when it comes to coloring!

- Della




Amy, I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the class and your teaching style. I've got lots of room for improvement-- but I'm soooo pleased with my first project!!!

-Kathy J

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